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This farm proudly grew tobacco for three generations. Today, hemp offers an exciting new future…

This land and the farmer, together, have produced quality crops for a long, long time. Today, hemp farming offers the experienced farmer an exciting array of opportunities and options unmatched in modern times. 

Visit often as we document the journey of this  North Carolina farm into the challenges of hemp farming, starting with the spring planting of 2019 and ending with the harvest.  

Exciting News!

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Three generations of tobacco…

You are looking at hemp the latest crop being grown which has now replaced  tobacco, previously grown here by three generations. 

Legalization,  has produced exciting opportunities  for experienced farmers to enter the hemp market and prosper.   

Prudent management and best practice calls for establishment of a small pilot program and gradual transition into larger crops as science and the learning curve merge.  Last year, about 10 acres were grown in hemp, this year the project has expanded to 50 acres. 



Farm Share, LLC is developing it’s first hemp crop for the 2019 grow season in LaGrange North Carolina. We are pleased to share useful information on this website regarding the hemp/CBD industry in general and our experiences as growers in particular.

If you are a member of our private grow group, we have detailed updates and other information available to you, by clicking the Members tab and entering your user ID and password.